Nominal Entry WW WM Sprint 2015 Vienna.x
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Nominal Entry WC-Vienna Sprint 2015
Nominal Entry NAT WW WM Sprint 2015 V
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Numerical and Nominal entries must be done via ICF ISIS https.//isis.msl.es/icf/main.jsp

If you have any questions or problems concerning entries, please do not hesitate to contact us or ICF.

NUMERICAL ENTRY (closing date): 22.05.2015

NOMINAL ENTRY (closing date): 10.06.2015


Accreditation fee will be 70,-- EUR per athlete, team leader, technical staff and any further team members. Free training period from Monday to Friday 23. - 26.06.2015.Accreditations will be accepted only via the ICF ISIS. Accreditations received after deadline will incur

an additional 30,-- EUR processing fee. 30,- EUR fee for a permission to travel on the Donauinsel for the teamvehicle and the trailer. Accreditation passes will be required to access the venue.

If your payment will be done by bank transfer, please, make sure that we receive the payment not later than 17.06.2015